About Us

Tejas Production Services fabricates and repairs oil and gas surface production equipment, steel shells and other fabricated steel equipment.  Formed in 1994, Tejas strives to be a “silent supplier” of equipment to oil and gas operators; a supplier that is so consistent and high-quality, operators never say our name.  Tejas has National Board Registered, ASME Section VIII Division 1 Fabrication Facilities capable of building or repairing just about any equipment engineers can dream up.

We are known for our in-house engineering and service attitude.  Tejas has built tens of thousands of vessels, and we have the seasoned staff on-hand to help design and engineer precisely the equipment to fit your needs.

Our 65,000 square foot, 22 acre new equipment manufacturing facility features a 45 foot state-of-the-art high definition plasma table, 2 rolling machines capable of rolling up to 3.5” thick carbon steel, 50+ welding and assembly stations, a 1.5 million pound rig mast testing facility and 5,600 sq ft of enclosed paint and blast facilities.  The 2 x 40 ton, 4 x 30 ton and 6 x 5 ton overhead cranes in the new equipment facility enable us to build equipment 80 tons and 150 ft long, then put directly onto rail, barge or truck to our customers worldwide.

Further, we have a 10,000 square foot facility dedicated to refurbishing equipment and as a base for the qualified field technicians in our repair, gauging and lease crew divisions.

In short- Tejas Makes the equipment you need when you need it!