Line Heaters

Line Heaters

A Line Heater is designed to safely heat a gas stream flow or crude oil flow.

A Line Heater is a water bath indirect heater. A line heater consists of three components, the firebox, shell and flow coil. The firebox and flow coil are both attached to a horizontal shell which is filled with water for heat transfer.  The firebox, which is gas fired, and flow coils are both submerged in the water bath, the firebox heats the water, the water heats the flow coils, with little or no risk of catastrophic failure, due to the firebox and flow tubes being independent in the water bath.

Line Heaters are commonly used to take a pressure drop after the well head.  The larger the pressure drop, with condensate in the well stream, the greater the chance of the gas stream freezing.  To prevent this an adjustable choke is placed in the hot water bath.  The “upstream” side of the well stream is choked down, there by lowering the pressure on the “downstream” side of the choke.  The choke doesn’t freeze because of its permanent placement in the hot water bath.  The firebox is fitted with an engineered “Flame Arrestor” for safe operation of the burner.

Line Heaters range in size from 250,000 BTU Hr. which is  24” O.D. x 7’6” Length, to a 2,000,000 BTU Hr. which is 60” O.D. x 20’ Length.  The working pressure of the coils can vary from 3000 psi to 10,000 psi.

Tejas Production Services can custom fabricate Line Heaters.