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Tejas Production Services

Headquartered on the gulf coast and serving upstream and midstream operators worldwide for over 25 years, Tejas Production Services is a full-service oil and gas production and process equipment design, fabrication and servicing company. Tejas is an efficiently-sized, appropriately-diversified, electrified process-driven, full-cycle provider of differentiated production and processing equipment, forming mutually profitable relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, our community and investors (the “Five Stakeholders”).

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Production and Process Equipment You Need, When You Need It

Tejas understands your process requirements. Our industry-leading, in-house team of engineers and designers will partner with you to create appropriate, reliable, serviceable equipment to meet your production and processing needs. Our vertically-integrated, data-driven approach to fabrication ensures you can depend on our delivery dates, and our transparent business model means we will continue to win your business every day.

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Our expert technicians are ready to assist you with any equipment issues you may have – whether they were manufactured by us or not. We are fully equipped to service, repair, refurbish and recondition your production equipment.


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Field Services

Dehy Cleanout

Equipment Refurbishing

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Relentless Improvement

Two ASME Certified Fabrication Facilities

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